Resources: Books


1. Uncle Bobby's Finally Sober: At Last Straight Talk and Hope for Those Struggling with Alcohol! by Bob Lang

This short and powerful testimony of a common ordinary man whose struggle with alcohol almost destroys his life and his relationships. It shows the power of God to restore and redeem a life that has almost been destroyed through the work of the enemy.

Psalm 30 Publishers
ISBN 0-9618264-0-1 order online


2. Daily Light from the Bible by Samuel Bagster

This book is a completely scriptural morning and evening devotion for the whole year. It starts each devotion with a theme scripture that sets up the subject matter for the morning or evening meditation and follows with a series of linked scriptures that read and make sense in context. A very useful resource for those who have been trained in reading a 24-hour book.

Published by Barbour and Company, Inc
ISBN 0-916441-68-7 order online


3. Wisdom from the Bible: Daily Thoughts From the Proverbs by Dan & Nancy Dick

This book takes the reader through the entire book of Proverbs in a year. It lists a verse or two and then offers a commentary on the verses in a very insightful way. Great for your lunch box or afternoon meditation period.

Barbour and Company, Inc.
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4. The Real AA: Behind the Myth of 12-Step Recovery by Ken Ragge

This book covers the history and true foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous. It addresses the mechanics and inner workings of this fear-based program and unmasks the true statistics that reveal the fallacy and mask of the so-called success of this cult.

See Sharpe Press
ISBN 1-884365-14-0 order online


5. The Useful Lie by William L. Playfair, M.D.

This simple book covers the topic of the recovery movement and reveals its contradictions of science and medicine. It shows how the literature contradicts the Bible and shows beyond doubt that these secular systems of recovery don't work.

Crossway Books
ISBN 0-89107-637-9 order online