Lesson 3 - Introduction


We now have a newfound security and relationship with the LORD because of our new knowledge of His love for us and of our surrender to Him. Now we are ready to proceed with the process of taking an inventory or better identified as a God search.

When we allow God to do the searching, we can be secure and at peace. We are able to be still before Him like a patient before a surgeon. We trust His hand to hold the scalpel, and we trust Him to know how to use it for the purpose that it was designed. We trust His diagnosis and knowledge of the problem. We trust the process that it will take for the necessary healing to take place in our soul.

As we go through these selected scriptures, we will see the importance of allowing God to search us and know us. Without His help, we would be unforgiven and hopelessly lost. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and the cleansing of His Word, we find the mercy and compassion needed to continue this process for sobriety. We also begin to appropriate the necessary faith that brings healing, security, and hope for the future by obeying His instructions and following His examples listed in scripture.