Lesson 5 - Introduction (excerpt)


In this principle we come to the bridge that covers the gap of unbelief and intellectual assent. On one side of the gap we have faith and belief, and on the other side we have unbelief and doubt. Here we are allowed to see the manifested works of faith. Faith is a verb. It causes us to take actions that we, on our own volition, would not be able to convince ourselves to do. We lack the courage and are held back in fear. Faith takes place within a heart where only God can see. He causes our works from faith to be observed on the outside from the belief that has begun to grow on the inside. The actions that take place now will let everyone see the supernatural work of the LORD being done through faith within our hearts. Faith manifests through the desires for peace and reconciliation. Our consciences have once again been made sensitive and responsive because of the love that God has birthed within our hearts. We now are willing to try to make amends wherever possible. A desire for reconciliation is the natural result of the fruit of forgiveness.

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