Principles to Overcoming Addictions


Authored by Randy Nurmi

Welcome to the class entitled “Principles to Overcoming Addictions”. It will focus on the following topics and will follow this schedule:

Week 1 Lesson 01 Recognition of a problem

Week 2 Lesson 02 Broken, revealed, and set free

Week 3 Lesson 03 The importance of a God search

Week 4 Lesson 04 The importance of forgiveness

Week 5 Lesson 05 The fruit of forgiveness and reconciliation

Week 6 Lesson 06 The importance of keeping accounts small

Week 7 Lesson 07 The importance of prayer

Week 8 Lesson 08 The importance of serving

Week 9 Lesson 09 Relapse Pt 1

Week 10 Lesson 10 Relapse Pt 2

This class will be a non-credit and free of charge community outreach class. It is a progressive and successive class that will build upon each and every lesson. Your attendance is required at all classes because of the structure and design of this class. If you miss more than one week it will be almost impossible for you to catch up with the flow of the class and the rest of the series.

It will not cover all the scriptures involved in the Pure Word Principles work sheets, but will instead cover just a brief overview of them. We will go over the focus and scope of each Principle and we will look at the overall process and effect each principle is designed to accomplish within each individual.

The primary items needed for this class will be a bible, a pen and paper to take notes and an open heart to receive what the LORD would pour into it.

These complete lessons have been compiled into a workbook called "BROKEN CHAINS."  To order ($25 plus shipping), please contact  Chris Johnson

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