Principle 9 (excerpt)



I make amends to people in many different ways. If I owe them money, I pay them back. If I have hurt them or insulted them, I apologize and repent. If someone has harmed me, I forgive them. I do whatever I must in order to be at peace with my fellow man. By doing so, I begin to have peace in my heart, soul, and conscience, and, most importantly, I have peace with my heavenly Father. I find that when I hold resentments against someone or withhold something I owe to someone I cannot walk in "freedom," because I am then spiritually united to that person and held in bondage to that debt by my conscience.

There may be some people I have harmed that I am unable to make amends to; perhaps they have died or moved away. In these cases I will make amends by helping my fellow man, and since Jesus told me, "if I do good to my neighbor I am doing good to Him," I am then making amends to God. I may feel that my brother needs to make amends to me before I grant forgiveness, but in God’s plan, I must be the first to obey and be willing to seek reconciliation because this is the way of Love. The amends to me are then manifested in the work that God does in my heart and my will by the result of my obedience to His Will and Word.

Luke 20:25 (compare with (cf) Matthew 5:21-24)

  1. This principle says to "make amends to people," do I also make amends to God by following through with this process? Why and how? 
  2. How do I make amends to God?

Ezekiel 33:14-15

  1. How do these scriptures relate to "making amends"? 
  2. Which of the amends listed are to man? Which ones are to God? 
  3. What meaning and application do these scriptures have in my life?

Romans 13:7-8

  1. Which of the amends in Verse 7 is the hardest for me to give? Give an example. 
  2. Are we paying our taxes and obligations? What is the difference between obligations and debts?

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